I have learned, in the past month, that it is necessary for the nice, professional Rite Aid pharmacy to become a preferred pharmacy so that it is not more expensive there to use my Express Scripts Medicare Part D medicine insurance.

If you are one of the people who had problems getting their prescriptions since Owens Pharmacy was bought out, please help all of us by writing to Corporate Rite Aid. We need to request that they let our local Rite Aid become a preferred network pharmacy. The company will be making those decisions in March 2020!

We need to make our voices heard. Please write to them at:

The Rite Aid Corporation-Customer Relations

30 Hunter Lane

Camp Hill, PA 17011

This is what I wrote to them, you are welcome to write the same (or different). Please just communicate with them.

To: Rite Aid Decision Makers, please grant preferred status for Express Scripts to Rite Aid Store #06103 in Mount Shasta, if you possibly can, when you all do negotiating in March 2020. CVS is the only preferred pharmacy for Express Scripts in our area. It recently did a hostile take over of our local Owens Pharmacy as expressed by the enclosed letter to the editor from our local newspaper. I, myself, wasn’t aware that the rest of the community was as upset as I was until I was refused service the day after having surgery, then I saw the letter.

Your customers deserve the best service, please help us by changing our Rite Aid Pharmacy status for Express Scripts to “Preferred.”

Ana Mulvaney