Many Americans feel the that a number of politicians are falling short of meeting their constitutional obligations with little or no regard for an oath they took when elected to uphold our Constitution. The recent handling of the Impeachment Trial of Donald J. Trump was considered, by many, as a “sham” manipulated by Senate leader Mitch McConnell dismissing any witnesses or documentation to support the actual Impeachment initiated by the House of Representatives. Ironically there is a movement, the “Lincoln Project” spearheaded by a number of conservatives in an effort to hold these individuals accountable. The Lincoln Project advisors consist of: George Conway, Reed Galen, Jennifer Horn, and Steve Schmidt. Mr. Conway is a New York lawyer and a founding member of Checks & Balances, a group of conservative and libertarian lawyers created to defend the rule of law. Reed Galen is an independent political strategist that left the Republican Party to focus on the political reform movement. Jennifer Horn, former Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party. Steve Schmidt, a conservative national political strategist who worked for President George W. Bush, Senator John McCain and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Lincoln Project’s mission is simple – they recognize the ideological policy differences between the two parties however believe the priority for all patriotic Americans must be a “shared fidelity to the Constitution” and to defeat candidates who have abandoned their oath, regardless of party. The founders of the Lincoln Project derive their inspiration from Abraham Lincoln. At Gettysburg, President Lincoln reminded us not to forget those that had given “their last full measure of devotion to preserving the American experiment” encouraging us to “bind up its wounds” and move forward together. Today we find ourselves divided again with concerns that our political system is failing. The Lincoln Project holds President Trump responsible for perpetuating sectionalism presenting, they believe, a clear and present danger to our Constitution and republic. The Lincoln Project feels defeating Donald Trump is necessary to defuse the polarizing of America and give us a chance to heal its political wounds allowing a better path forward for America.

John Swanson