Property owners in the District of McCloud have an opportunity to protest a proposed wide-spread rate increase. To do so, owners must produce their protest letter(s) for each parcel before the February 10th hearing.

I as well as other former Board Members protest this rate increase as the District has had a history of errors in practical judgment when it comes to wise spending and allocation of public funds. For example, promising the rate payers that the refuse department costs will go down in the future only to now reverse its tracks and propose a five year, incremental rate hike!

Additionally, the last water department rate increase was to be dedicated to a special line replacement project when if fact that project has been left uncompleted and the District now seeks even more additional funding to make up for their short comings in costs! This previous rate increase was and continues to be in violation of taxpayer assurances built into Prop 218 which is now part of the California Constitution.

To continue, the Board of Directors charges forward with rate hikes, without any perfected financial audits being completed since 2013. To quote a very recent draft audit “It is important to note that this audit was performed for the year ended June 30, 2018 without the prior years audits from 2012/13 through 2016/17 being completed. The audit of 2012/13 was finalized but later was deemed to have significant discrepancies which will be subject to corrections.”

Why should the public allow these Boards to continue directing public funds without the assurance of complete audits being considered and incorporated in future budget consideration?

Ratepayers in McCloud have a chance to cause corrections to the District’s bloated appetite for more money. Help put them on a diet and cast a protest letter.

Brian Stewart