Those of us who follow tennis know that one of the men’s semi-finals in the Australian Open last Friday was between the Austrian Dominic Thiem and Germany’s Alexander Zverev. It was a tense match, very close, which Thiem won after almost 4 hours of play. The most remarkable thing about the match was the incredible sportsmanship shown by Dominic Thiem.

In the third set, at a critical stage of the match, the linesman called a shot from Zverev “out,” giving the point to Dominic Thiem. Zverev did not argue with the call but Thiem knew the ball had hit the line and should therefore have been ruled in Zverev’s favor. He yelled out to his opponent to challenge the call which Zverev did. The replay showed that the ball had indeed hit the line and the point was taken away from Thiem and given to Zverev.

The level of sportsmanship and decency shown by Dominic Thiem was nothing short of astounding. Thiem knew the call wasn’t correct and preferred to have it rectified rather than winning the point unfairly even though it could have resulted in him losing the match.

Sadly, many of our elected politicians in Washington D.C. are not displaying such decency. In the impeachment trial last Friday, 51 senators voted against allowing the inclusion of pertinent documents and testimonials from witnesses with first hand knowledge about the aide to Ukraine. By doing so these senators failed their decency test in a spectacular manner.

Mind you, they were not asked to vote on the removal of the president, only to allow relevant evidence to be presented. Only two republican senators – Mitt Romney and Susan Collins – chose to do the right thing over tribalism and partisanship. They have my utmost respect.

The other 51 should hang their heads in shame.

Christer Johansson

Mount Shasta