We are in agreement with the letters that appeared in last week’s paper submitted in opposition to the proposed McCloud CSD rate increases, and would add these observations:

The proposed rate increases of approximately 50 percent over a four-year span of time will be a hardship for seniors living on fixed incomes. Social Security Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) are typically two percent per year or less.

The GM’s narrative in his December 24th letter suggests that the current replacement cost for our water distribution system is estimated at $37 million. Significant parts of our water infrastructure have already been replaced through contributions from Nestle, development grants, and out-of-pocket payments from householders who were required to fund costs to connect to the new system. Those householders will, if the rate increase passes, be effectively paying a second time for upgrades already completed.

Bids from reputable engineering firms should be solicited. Requesting rate increases without firm estimates is surely putting the cart before the horse.

Ditto for the long-overdue audits. They will be necessary for any grant funding, and it is impossible to estimate the amounts that may be received in grants if the MCSD is not even in a position to apply for them.

Rod Ives