Ask a simple question, then open the flood gates of response. Listen to the rushing clamor of voices detailing rough sketches of symptoms conjured by this mystery.

It can strike the hearts of the unsuspecting, with a sudden alteration of live. That staggers the mind like driving head on into a distant sunrise right as the first rays of light engulf the road in a warm radiance. Instantly blinding our visions of the world zooming past at over seventy miles an hour.

Who hasn’t fallen, or hurled themselves off the precipice of wild abandon, in hot pursuit of this passionate gift? So easily dismissed as a mere biological function of electro chemical nature, or a temporary mental disorder at best.

No one will deny the sense of madness that overwhelms the despondent loveless. Trapped ina mental cauldron of attachment known dearly to stricken hearts who will let go.

Stomp and claw at the earth make faces at strangers scream, and howl at the moon all you want until collapsing in a heap of gnashing teeth.

More likely you will bore through mountains with bare hands ... Then force love into the heart of the one you covet.

In this way, when two n love stand as one. It is a gift they share as rare as any diamond found on the ocean shore. Glinting at the feet of the unsuspecting.

Leonardo Rene Gonzalez

Mount Shasta