I would like to thank the owners in Dunsmuir of the Dough Hook, Wheelhouse and the Salt and Savour (sauerkraut) who are making foods that are simply incredible and artisan, making Dunsmuir a worthwhile trip every time I head down to drop a dime.

Even the food critic in the movie “Ratatouille” would of been pleased with their perspective on how to make any true foodie like me a daydream believer. Have you tried the pizza dough or a cherry turnovers at the Dough Hook? Or had the corned beef hash breakfast at the Wheelhouse? Or tried all three businesses when you get a reuben at the Wheelhouse (amazing that the rye bread that comes from the Dough Hook, the sauerkraut is from the Salt and Savour, which has sauerkraut available at most local stores) and the corned beef hash is made by Chef Josh. In my opinion the hash belongs in the French Museum of Food Art. The corned beef hash from the Wheelhouse can only be described as succulent and extremely rare to find these days.

The thing I am most proud about is that all three of these business endeavors is the younger generation coming up and they are making Dunsmuir a unique handcrafted experience every time I zip down from 96067 to “25.” There’s a synergy going on in Dunsmuir, something truly unique in our county.

The town is really embarking on a great new cultural food era that will sell itself again and again. No more will I feel sorry for Dunsmuir or its economy as some of my fondest days here lately have been loading up the dogs and heading to Beverly for the best darn food Jed Clampett and me has ever known.

Better go tomorrow, hunger is gnawing at my gibblets. You all come back now, you hear?

Jack Trout

Mount Shasta