On Jan. 25 at Sisson School in Mount Shasta, our daughter was attacked on her school campus during her cheerleading event. This was a racially motivated and well orchestrated bullying attack comprised of a fellow cheerleader/student on our daughter's cheer team who has a well established bullying history as the school has been contacted multiple times by us and other parents during the past three years.

This fellow cheerleader/student organized a premeditated assault against our daughter by soliciting the help of her friends from another school, harassing, intimidating, and eventually physically assaulting her with no provocation. We had forewarned the principal and the cheerleading coach about the bullying. The principal said he would protect our daughter. In lieu of his efforts, our daughter was still physically assaulted.

After a thorough investigation led by principal Kale Riccomini the “bully” was promptly removed from the cheerleading team and had her interdistrict transfer revoked. The police are involved and one accomplice has been charged with a crime.

Despite these disciplinary actions the “bully” with her friends during school hours came to an out of town basketball tournament to once again harass and intimidate our daughter while she was cheerleading.

We are very concerned. We are fearful of retaliation for exposing the bully. We are worried about the safety our children and other students in the community.

We would like to bring light to the bullying that has occurred in an effort to gather support and advocacy for our daughter, other students, as well Sisson and other schools in and out of the Mount Shasta Union School District. It is time for more awareness and application of practices that will stop the bullies.

Elizabeth Hertler

Keith Darrah

Mount Shasta