Can someone please explain to me why, when a school has a strict no bullying policy, that bullying is allowed on the school’s cheerleading team? A young mixed race lady was kicked off her cheer team and out of her school because bullying was allowed. The bully is allowed to stay but the victim is forced to go?

My granddaughter is being proactively bullied by the other individual’s family, who have videoed her and followed her around at games. They have threatened and screamed at her, a middle school student, because they were told about “the black girl with the curly hair” so they targeted the first one they saw. How is this appropriate in any way?

There are boys that are saying terrible, racially charged statements about my granddaughter. Why isn’t this being addressed?

Is this a reflection of the school’s policies since they allow this? Where is the accountability for the adults and the school that aren’t addressing this matter? What is it going to take before this is deemed serious enough to warrant an investigation?

My granddaughter has been going to this school since kindergarten and is now defeated. She believes if she goes back, nothing will change and no one will stop the hate. How can we be OK with a 13 year-old girl feeling this way?

What are we teaching her? As adults, this starts with us, in our homes, then it is carried into our schools and our world. We need to stop the hate and be an example for all of those kids.

Someone needs to step up and care.

Lana Cosenza

Mount Shasta