The Hight family would like to take this opportunity to reach out to the many people and organizations that have stepped up and contributed to the comfort and support of our family.

Due to Rowan’s medical condition, our 14 year-old son, the community and abroad has shown us their love and care by providing emotional, financial and spiritual support. Our family, from the bottom our hearts, would like to give a very big thank you and to know that the support brings us comfort, stability and absolute faith that everything will be ok.

When this all began our fears grew by the hour as we were plunged into a deep thought process that lay on a bed made of stress and anxiety. Our friends, family and well-wishers have provided us reprieve from this debilitating state of mind.

We cannot express the blessings, gratitude and emotions with words. Again, thank you all who have supported the Hight family, we are blessed to be surrounded by such loving and caring people. Humanity at its best, thank you.

Dana Hight and family

Mount Shasta