This letter is in response to the article about Doug LaMalfa regarding the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Trump was justly accused of some questionable actions and was officially impeached. This is true. The trial that took place and ultimately acquitted Trump was a farce, with Republican senators refusing documents or witnesses. This is un-American. Many Americans are faced with trials themselves. A defendant cannot withhold or hide evidence or witnesses. In most American trials, this would be a blatant admission of guilt.

This is not how we do things in America. This is an act I would expect from a communist regime or a dictatorship – but certainly not from our American justice system. This was a mistrial, and our senators and leaders, like Doug LaMalfa, should acknowledge that. Without the normal inclusion of evidence and witnesses there is no trial. And with no trial, there can be no acquittal. Now, our confidence in the American judicial system and our system of checks and balances in this country, is rapidly declining.

This is not over. The American people won’t stand for such a farce, Doug. The real story is right before your eyes if you choose to accept truth and justice!

Greg Alden

Mount Shasta