I have read in the paper that the KRRC is ready to rip out the dams on our Klamath River. With a payoff of nearly half a billion dollars, why wouldn’t they be? Of course that price tag does not include the cost of a gas fired, carbon dioxide-producing power plant that will be needed to replace them.

I wonder how ready the rate payers are to fund this disaster? A clue is offered by how the citizens of Siskiyou County voted a few years ago, nearly 80% of them insisting on keeping those dams.

The reasons to keep the dams are many. They produce nearly 100 megawatts of power, enough I am told to provide power for 30,000 homes. They provide flood control and regulate both water level and water temperature, factors critical to the well being of salmon. Should we have future droughts, it will likely be necessary to take water from the Scott River to maintain water levels in the Klamath River. How will our farmers in the Scott Valley be impacted by that? It may break them.

If the dams are to be removed, they cannot just be slapped back into place. Someone once said that before removing something it is wise to consider why it was put there in the first place. This proposed removal is not a done deal. Siskiyou County residents and our representatives should vigorously oppose it.

Jim Corcoran

Lake Shastina