Local fishing guide Jack Trout had the opportunity to appear in a Land Rover commercial with musician John Mayer last week at Jedediah State Park, the same place where “E.T.,” “Return of the Jedi” and Sandra Bullock’s Netflix movie “Bird Box” were filmed.

Trout said he got a call from New York film producers looking for a fly fishing guide for one of the scenes they had planned.

“This commercial will be on TV, plus they are making a 20 minute version to be watched online that includes the music marvel’s songs in addition to the new introduction of their SUV called the Land Rover Defender,” said Trout.

The commercial is due out at the end of April, said Trout, adding that Mayer was “very interested in fly fishing” and after they talked on camera, he “broke out his guitar and played a acoustic tune on the beach in front of the Smith River for all to hear.”

Trout said he and Mayer had “terrific on-screen chemistry together” and the crew was “delighted that they did their piece together in one take.”