The March 13 event may have been the last big social gathering until after the fog of COVID-19 fears lift from Siskiyou County and the rest of the country.

Neither fear of the COVID-19 virus nor the inconvenience of a snowstorm kept people from having fun participating in the third annual St. Patty’s Day Pub Crawl in McCloud on Saturday.

The March 13 event may have been the last big social gathering until after the fog of COVID-19 fears lift from Siskiyou County and the rest of the country.

Marianne Endoso, coordinator of the event and owner of the Axe & Rose Public House said she was worried about both the weather and the coronavirus. She checked with Siskiyou Public Health Department three days prior and was informed that as long as there were less than 250 people in one place it was okay.

Since then, Governor Gavin Newsom has changed his recommendations to discourage gatherings of more than 10 people. But as of Saturday, revelers were ready to get out and party.

“We did put out extra hands sanitizers and wipes at each location.” said Endoso. “We had a great turnout. We think that people were ready to get out and have some fun even in the snow storm. We had eight participating locations this year. Each location had themed food and drinks.”

The American Legion Post 92 served corn beef and cabbage which part time McCloud resident Tina Skippen said was the best of the Pub Crawl food next to White Mountain Café’s Scottish eggs – soft boiled eggs wrapped in house-made sausage, rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried served over smokey white cheddar mustard sauce.

Sabrina Henson, proprietor of the White Mountain Café, said about 60 or 70 people come through the café and some of the same people came back.

“Those that were in McCloud for the first time said that they will come back to McCloud for other fun events now that they have been here,” Henson said. “We cannot wait until next year.”

People were not deterred by the snow and headed out to the Squaw Valley Riding Club at the far edge of town to enjoy Irish nachos, made of potatoes smothered in bacon, cheese and salsa, as well as “Dublin coddle,” which was a stew cooked in beer, and Guinness cupcakes. SVRC had a gift basket prize called a “barn survival kit” that included a variety of alcoholic beverages, glasses and a roll of toilet paper in a basket.

Jullian Foxworthy of Dublin, Calif., came north to go fishing and went to the Siskiyou Brew Works, not aware of the Pub Crawl.

“It was the happiest accident of the year,” he said. “This is so great! We were given beads, played beer pong, drank green beer and enjoyed the great pizza bites.”

Quentin Zahara, who works at Siskiyou Beer Works, said, two Pub Crawls a year (the Halloween Pub Crawl and the St. Patty’s Day Pub Crawl) “are not enough. We need to have a mushroom Pub Crawl during the Mushroom Festival when our town is packed with people from out of town wanting to have fun.”

Like all the pubs, Clearwater Coffee and Café had a great turnout. Themed food included Guinness sliders (beef marinated in Guinness and “1,000 spices,” said Julie Major. Tot-chos, Irish Cream and Guinness floats were also popular.

“People really enjoyed being out in the snow. They had a snowball fight in the parking lot,” said Major. “It was a fun evening for everyone. This is the best Pub Crawl we have had.”

Jay Campbell, waiter at the Sage Restaurant said business was steady, especially for a snowy night, with 50 or more people there.

This was the first year Floyd’s Frosty participated in the Pub Crawl. Floyd’s Shamrock milkshakes were a favorite along with their jalapeño poppers and elk burgers.

Most people ended the evening at the Axe & Rose Public House even if they also hit it up earlier in the evening. The live music played late into the night.

There were passports available for participants in the Pub Crawl. At each location, participants got their passport stamped and at the end of the night they turned them to win prizes donated from each location.

The winners from this pub crawl were Kenji Burrage, Julie Snyder, Casey Lane, Samantha Donaldson, Ed Walera, Shannon Payne Donovan Lee, and Cheyanne Creek.