This letter is not intended to impugn the service, doctors or staff of Mercy Medical Hospital of Mount Shasta.

There is however an issue that I have tried to call attention to for the last 4 years. The geese. I am a stage 4 lymphoma cancer survivor, and a stem cell transplant recipient.

The issue is that the feces from the geese, it’s everywhere including the roof of the building. I know that the hospital has made a major effort to wash the sidewalks down. Not getting all the mess and not realizing that what was washed into the grass dries out and becomes airborne when disturbed.

You really must pay attention to where you walk because if you step in it and take it home on your shoes, it gets on your carpet or other surfaces and dries then can become airborne.

I happened by chance to speak with a hospital board member that admitted the hospital made a major mistake in putting in the pond at the hospital.

Having spent time in the UC Davis Medical System (not the cleanest), I hold Mercy Medical in Redding as the most biologically clean facility in northern California, Mount Shasta would be next if the pond and geese were gone.

Please don’t ignore this issue. I would be glad to help find a solution.

Ken Roseberry

Mount Shasta