I was disappointed in Representative Doug LaMalfa’s summary of the difficult process the House of Representatives underwent to investigate President Trump’s effort to enlist the help of Ukraine in his re-election.

I know that many think of “a phone call” as an innocuous behavior that couldn’t deserve impeachment. That would be like looking at a skin blemish and saying, “oh that is just a little thing” and missing the cancer that lies beneath it.

The summary of the phone call led to an inquiry and subsequent conclusion that President Trump and others had withheld money designated by congress to help Ukraine fight the Russians unless President Zelensky agreed to open an investigation into Vice President Biden and his son.

I have read and listened to both sides of this debate. I wish Representative LaMalfa could present a greater depth of thought when he speaks to his constituents. It is not enough to repeat a talking point because it suggests that knowledge and careful thinking are not required to hold a position of trust in our district.

Linda Diane Smith

Mount Shasta