We try not to hate the person who currently occupies the oval office, but we do very much disapprove of the way he conducts himself in public. He spouts an endless stream of name calling, threats, flat out bullying, and thousands of lies and unsubstantiated claims. These actions should never be on a president’s “To Do List.” If one denies these self evident truths, either one is lying to oneself, or one believes that it is ok for the “pres” to engage in the very same actions most of us taught our kids not to do.

Kids of school age see and hear this, and they assume it is normal behavior. Disrespect and bullying have been on the rise in our schools since 2016. (Thanks Don, not!) His behavior also negatively affects those adults who are vulnerable to bad impression. This situation perpetuates hate, violence, discrimination and divisiveness in too many adults (like calling our current crisis the “China Virus”). We have never seen such irresponsible behavior in any president before.

To exacerbate the problem, the Fox (Not) News propaganda show only serves to amplify the negative effects. It is a detriment to our society. Thanks Fox (Not).

This bad behavior makes it very difficult to achieve common goals both in our government and in our society. A person who behaves like this is in no way fit to effectively lead a nation. This behavior also encourages discord and chaos in our country. It poisons the minds of many. We are seeing this with the COVID-19 crisis.

We expect the president of our country to be a model citizen, a good example for all. The majority of Americans will not be voting for discord and chaos. We believe in dignity, sensibility, morality and strong social values. We will be voting with pride, confidence and hope for our nation, to rid ourselves of this bad behavior. We will bring truth and dignity to the White House once again.

Greg Alden

Mount Shasta