Despite attendance being down, both the Weed Golf Course and Lake Shastina Golf Resort are providing their members and the public a chance to grab their golf clubs and get outside during the pandemic.

Two Siskiyou County golf courses remain open for people to enjoy safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite attendance being down, both the Weed Golf Course and Lake Shastina Golf Resort are providing their members and the public a chance to grab their golf clubs and get outside during the pandemic.

The Mount Shasta Resort and the McCloud Golf Course are closed until at least May 1.

Weed Golf Course general manager Dolph Marshall said that golfers are appreciative of having the links remain open.

“It’s a chance for them to get outside and is a getaway for many of our members,” said Marshall, adding that he had two longtime members tell him it was the first time in more than two weeks they had been out of their house.

While attendance is down at least 40 percent, the golf course is still able to maintain its services to the public, Marshall said.

Social distancing is taking place and golfers are encouraged not to linger and quickly get to the course, Marshall said.

Golf course employees are regularly cleaning equipment and making sure things are sanitized and safe at the course. The clubhouse restaurant is closed.

Todd Cockrum, the general manager at Lake Shastina Golf Resort, said since the pandemic, folks coming out to golf have decreased, especially those from out of the area.

Cockrum said that while things are much slower at the golf course now, there a steady group of members and folks from Siskiyou County that still golf, which has been a positive for the resort.

“It’s nice to see the normal faces still out here, coming out and golfing,” he said. He added that he is told by many golfers each day that they can’t wait to get to the golf course and get outside instead of being stuck in the house all day.

Cockrum added everyone has done a good job maintaining social distance and the golf course has been vigilant in making sure everything is clean and sanitized, including golf carts.

“We want everyone to stay safe and be healthy,” Cockrum said.

Tom Powers, longtime College of the Siskiyous women’s basketball coach and a physical education instructor at COS, has gone out and played golf pretty much every day at Lake Shastina.

Powers, who is currently working from home and will retire in May from COS, said the course isn’t crowded, and people are doing a good job practicing social distancing and being safe.

“It’s been great to get out, play golf, and get some fresh air,” he said. “I was planning to golf a lot once I retired, so now I’m going into that immediately.”

Dennis Moser of Grenada has been golfing several days a week at the Weed Golf Course since the pandemic. “It’s great not being cooped up in the house all the time and being able to still play ... If they were closed, I probably would have to sneak in,” he added jokingly.

At Lake Shastina, the resort condos are closed, but the Sunset Bar & Grill, remains open for takeout. Since last week, the restaurant has been offering curbside service. Over the weekend, the restaurant offered a popular special which sold out, consisting of a prime rib dinner or a prime rib sandwich with fries,

The Mount Shasta Resort announced on March 20 that the golf course, restaurant and lounge, lodging and all other services would be closed until at least May 1.

“This delay will certainly test the patience of us all, but I am very optimistic that with these precautions in place we will be back up and running sooner rather than later,” said resort golf shop General Manager Will Stromberg in a statement on the resort’s Facebook page.

“I have every intention of helping to create a very fun atmosphere around the resort this season,” he added. “My thoughts are that getting back on the golf course will ultimately be one of the best things any of us can do for our health and enjoyment of life. I really look forward to seeing so many familiar faces and meeting all the new ones.”

The McCloud Golf Course has delayed its opening until May 1 due to the pandemic.

“Obviously, this date is fluid as well, depending on the state of affairs over the next month,” the McCloud Golf Course said on their Facebook page on March 31. “We look forward to seeing you all soon. Stay safe, everyone.”

Cockrum said each year starting in May, many golfers come from out of the area to take advantage of Lake Shastina Golf Resort’s “stay and play” packages. He said while things are without a doubt very much up in the air, they hop to resume the special sometime in the summer.

If not, that will be a massive blow to the business, he said.

Cockrum added that folks from the county and all over have been calling to see how things are going and offering encouragement, which he said means a lot during this challenging time.

Lake Shastina’s website is, and the phone number is 1-800-358-4653. The Sunset Bar &Grill number is (530) 938-3206. The Weed Golf Course website is, and their phone number is (530) 938-9971.