Dear community friends:

We’re in the midst of times never before seen or experienced on planet Earth…and we’re all in this together.

Locally, many of our friends and neighbors are suddenly out of work with no foreseeable income for rent, childcare, medicine, or even food. The impact of the pandemic on this wonderful town will be most felt by the less affluent. For these folks in our immediate community who are in desperate need, the stress and anxiety levels are heartbreaking. Hopefully, most wage earners will soon receive a $1200 stipend from the US Government. For many of the severely disadvantaged families in our community, this Government payment is critical and cannot come any too soon.

According to a number of our local friends, this money is not personally that critical; some are retired, on pensions, and have much less urgent expenses We’ve discussed, for those of us that are able, gifting all or part of the $1200 we each receive, and redistributing it to the much more immediate needs and families in our community. This idea was met with overwhelming enthusiasm. In less than fifteen minutes of discussion, over ten thousand dollars was pledged! We suggest this effort be supported by as many residents of Mount Shasta who are able.

If you anticipate receiving a stimulus check, but don’t immediately need these funds, consider a donation to a local non-profit of your choice. Alternatively, the Shasta Regional Community Foundation is able to direct your donation to their special COVID-19 Relief Fund for the Siskiyou County nonprofits with the greatest need. This may include food, clothing, shelter, utility and medical application assistance, senior support, and much, much more.

Those of you wishing to contribute can make a secure online tax-deductible donation at designating SISKIYOU COUNTY in the gift recognition comment field, or you can mail a check to: Shasta Regional Community Foundation, 1335 Arboretum Drive, Suite B, Redding, CA 96003, noting COVID-19 RELIEF FUND SISKIYOU COUNTY.

Our current community needs could never be greater. Thank you for your wonderful generosity and kindness.

Dennis McFall & Michael Zanger

Mount Shasta