With COVID-19 nearing its possible peak in California, I want to give a great big shout-out of gratitude to all of our medical providers and emergency responders for their unselfish sacrifices and bravery!

On my home front, this includes my family doctor, Dr. Alan Cohn, also working at considerable personal risk. Without a doubt, our volunteers with Mt. Shasta Fire and VFDs throughout Siskiyou County plus all of our United States operate with courage and resolve, often walking literally on broken glass, thin ice, and through virus-infused environs. You are my biggest heroes, next to Jesus!

In earnest consideration of the COVID-19 crisis, President Trump’s multi-agency directives and Governor Newsom’s orders to shelter/stay at home may be the very best times to emphasize fuel reduction on our own home grounds, in the areas we have confined ourselves to for healthier, safer sanctuaries.

Through firesafesiskiyou.com, you will find excellent information such as (http://www.mkwc.org/programs/fire-fuels/firewise-resources/creating-defensible-space/ ) for creating defensible areas and maintenance through concentrated fuel reduction efforts, especially within the home zones that we have already spent much time, energy, and money to establish. Much of this great firewise material has been supplied by many local FSCs, including the above link to the Mid-Klamath Watershed Council. They know, like our families and friends in Weed, Hornbook, Horse Creek, Hamburg, Hawkinsville plus so many more of our Siskiyou County communities, just how fast things can burn on the wrong day if we’re complacent!

Dale Nova

Mount Shasta