I want to share this story with you. I am a 74 year old retired physician who had chemotherapy for lymphoma recently. I am very concerned about getting COVID-19 (SARS CoV (2)). I have been in close contact with Dr. Mike Staszel, my doc, who took over Jim Parker’s practice when Jim died of Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

I called to check in with Mike in early March as the epidemic was just breaking in the U.S., to check on whether he was seeing any COVID. He related he tested two patients for the virus. He drove the samples to Redding the same day to be tested. Both came back positive.

So far there are only five known cases of COVID-19 in Siskiyou County. Mike deserves recognition for going above and beyond the call of duty to get those tests immediately and personally transport them to Redding for analysis.

Docs, nurses, other front-liners and first responders around the world are working at risk to save us, and some are dying because of their service. We need to applaud and them and support their effort in any way we can.

I believe Mike nipped the COVID-19 pandemic in the bud in our area because of his quick and decisive action.

Bravo Mike!

Richard C. Eastman M.D.

Mount Shasta