Donald Trump is all show and no go. He grew up at a so called military school (more like a reform school). The school was all show and no go ... Parades, fancy uniforms with medals on them (medals for what?) flags, marching, ceremonies of one kind or another, lots of pomp and circumstance – all show and no go. And when it came time to really join the military ... you know what happened.

I am an ex U.S. Marine ... We had real rifles, real ammunition, real landings on the beach, real stuff to protect the United States of America. All go and no show!

COVID-19, with Donald Trump in charge, is all show and no go. Right from the start ... all show and no go.

The whole month of February was all show and no go ... six rallies, trips to his golf club in Florida for days of golf, that he cheats at like a common criminal. A big birthday party for Junior’s girl friend, etc.

The New York Times, the Post and lots of others lay out the time line.

“Democratic hoax,” “it will all go away,” “like a miracle,” “only 15 cases,” “soon be zero.” He is so smart because his uncle John was a teacher at MIT (his uncle taught engineering not biology) and Mr. All Show and No Go knows nothing about genes or heredity, much less cell biology. “I really get this stuff.”

No, you don’t. All show and no go.

So here we are: 600,000 cases, we have no idea who has the virus, tests are not available to everyone, over 30,000 dead, “I’d give myself a 10,” “we are doing a great job,” “no one saw it coming.” Yes they did.

The daily propaganda TV show is all show and no go, lie after lie, attacks on the press, and still more lies ... “Mr. All Show and No Go” has to go! Vote November 2020.

Dave Amour

Mount Shasta