I live in McCloud. I am doing my part during this COVID-19 pandemic by self-isolating and staying at home. But sometimes that isn’t quite possible and I want to take this time to let others know who is out there who will have your back.

Paul Zwetsloot with Health Quest Physical Therapy reached out to me during my time of need. Going to his facility, he takes my temperature, makes me wash my hands upon entering, has sanitizers available and wears a mask practicing safe health while staying open during this time.

Health Quest is located in the Weed Community Center.

And, not only is the Weed Community Center also practicing social distancing and community safety, they have gone, in my opinion, above and beyond to accommodate me and my health needs.

Hats off to:

Custodian Zeke who keeps that place cleaner than any gym I have ever been in.

Kim Greene and Christy Forry for helping to accommodate my needs and being so darn sweet and friendly.

Shirley Dutt for being there for water instruction while practicing social distancing and good hygiene. And making it fun.

Kim and Christy, who looked into my insurance and found that my insurance covers a minimum of 10 free visits at the Weed Community Center each month! It is definitely worth the drive from McCloud to take care of my health needs.

Shareen Strauss