Joe Biden is all show and no go ... He grew up in a wealthy family and attended an academy prep school (some might call it a reform school). His son Hunter attended the same prep school (like father, like son).

Joe graduated from University of Delaware in 1965, ranked 506 out of 688, and Syracuse University College of Law in 1968, where he graduated 65th out of 85 (and later claimed he graduated in the top half of his class!). This was also when he was first accused of plagiarism. Biden got student draft deferments during this period. All show and no go.

Joe Biden was elected as Democrat Senator from Delaware in 1973 and helped pass the 1984 Comprehensive Crime Control Act (in 2019 he said it was a “big mistake”). In 1993 he supported the “Dont Ask, Don’t Tell” on gay persons in the military, and in 1996 the Defense of Marriage Act, which prohibited the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages (both of which he later refuted). Some might say he was all show and no go.

Biden made his first run for president in 1987. Again, there were revelations of plagiarism in his stump speeches. He also falsely claimed to have marched in the Civil Rights movement. All show and no go. He dropped out of the race. In 1988 Joe suffered two brain aneurysms requiring surgery, which may explain some of the all show and no go.

In the 1990s Joe spearheaded the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which had no effect on national gun crime rates and expired in 2004, and the Violence Against Women Act, which is ironic since he’s been accused of sexual harassment by a former female staffer and others, and there is ample video evidence of inappropriate acts around women and children. Don’t believe me? Look it up. All show and no go. Or, “go” in the wrong direction. But he did get a Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama.

As Vice President, Biden took advantage of his international travel at government expense to introduce his son Hunter to business interests in Ukraine and China, which manifestations have not been properly investigated to this day. All show and no go (like father, like son). Now Trump’s getting the blame.

Me? I think Trump is a rude, arrogant, vain New York Businessman, who talks and tweets too much. Just exactly what we need. He’s an American. Mr. Amour is right. Vote November 2020, based on who has more show AND more go.

Jeff Huhtala

Mount Shasta