To the Mount Shasta City Council:

As you are all aware, we all are heading toward an uncertain future. According to many scientists and economists, we won't be returning to the life we had before Covid-19. Therefore, we must start discussions of what we would like for Mount Shasta.

It is likely that Mount Shasta City will have to become more self-sufficient. It will take cooperative and innovative ways to finance the changes that might be forced upon us. Inaction would be disastrous because we have to be prepared and plan for the real possibility of thousands of people coming here to escape cities in search for a livelihood or recreation.

Now is the time for the City Council to rise to the occasion and take a leadership role to help form the future for a vibrant, sustainable community. The City Council could bring together citizens, representatives from Siskiyou County agencies, other local agencies, and businesses.

Many topics could be discussed. For example:

Expanding activities for tourists: additional organized activities for families; developing eco-tourism; educational vacation camps, more camping facilities.

Encouraging local agriculture: compost from green waste, food processing facilities, community gardens, school garden expansion, small farm clusters, training programs for home gardeners.

Encouraging Low cost housing for families and seniors citizens.

Establishing small business incubators: Food processing shared-use kitchen, small-scale manufacturing (wood products, repair service).

Wayne Kessler

Mount Shasta