There are two main personality traits involved in being a president: confidence and competence. Confidence is the belief that you are correct in your actions and the ability to convince others that you are correct. Competence is having the experience, knowledge and willingness to learn from others to make your decisions.

Joe Biden has good confidence and excellent competence. He has been a U.S. senator for more than twenty years, a vice president for eight years and consistently listens to and bases his decisions on expert information.

Donald Trump, in contrast, has extremely high confidence, but extremely low competence. Trump never held an elected office before becoming president, refuses to listen to anyone who disagrees with him and bases his decisions on impulsive thoughts.

If you want a president who is competent and makes decisions based on objective expert advice vote for Biden. If you want a president who is extremely impulsive, gets most of his information from watching Fox news and does not listen to scientists or medical professionals vote for Trump.

Our country cannot afford four more years of Trump’s incompetence.

Neil Posson

Mount Shasta