As per the CDC website: It tells us the number of deaths in the first quarter for the following years 2015 - 878,847; 2016 - 919,548; 2017 - 946,067; 2018 - 919,693; 2019 - 944,251. The average number of deaths for 2015 - 2019 is 921,602. These numbers do not take in the population growth.

So in doing the math, do you think these numbers justify putting the country under lockdown and the damage it has caused? Do you think we are going to get a reliable picture? Do we really have a heath problem, or is this all political? Food for thought!

What about our Mt. Shasta City and its Head Water Park. For your heath and safety they have closed the restrooms that are out side. On the 11th of May I saw some transients needing to use the restrooms, but they couldn’t, locked!

I am sure they played nature and acted like a bear!

Ron Hammar

Mount Shasta