McCloud Fire Department has begun conducting fire inspections on all dwellings in the town. Starting on the east side, Chief Steve Boone and Assistant Chief Scott Boone have been checking for any hazardous vegetation around houses and other structures. Conducting the inspections each weekend, they expect to complete the task in a few weeks.

“We are looking for vegetation on roofs, limbs or brush growing up on the eves or chimneys. We have an inspection checklist that pinpoints violations, like pine needles on the roof,” said Scott Boone.

The owner of the property has a 30-day correction period. There is a $500 fine if they don’t comply. Extensions can be granted if work is in progress.

“Some people have already been working on stuff. People have been very receptive.”

As in typical McCloud fashion, there have been people coming forward to volunteer to help the elderly if needed. Some have offered their trailers to haul off the vegetation.

For more information, download details from the McCloud Services District’s website or attend the Fire Committee meetings on the first Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Scout Hall.