Summer is quickly approaching and Stay-at-home orders are loosening. I expect we will have many visitors to Siskiyou County looking to get away from it all, in spite of whether we are ordered to continue to stay sheltered at home or are allowed to be out and about for non-essential trips.

I fear an influx of out-of-county visitors to our beautiful lakes and streams. Even before the COVID-19 crisis we experienced the ugly results of the lack of sanitation services necessary to accommodate hordes of summer visitors. Now, when strict guidelines about hand sanitation, mask protection, and distancing are the norm, what will be done to ensure campers and day-trippers don’t spread the virus here? Restaurants and fast food joints used to be places to use a restroom, but are not open. And there are few facilities at popular spots on the South Fork river.

We also have fire danger to consider. A devastating fire season on top of a pandemic would be doubly tragic.

It will be a sad Fourth of July this year without the fireworks, race and other activities, but it makes good sense. I would like to hear from the Forest Service and town council as to how the influx during the rest of the summer will be handled.

Elizabeth Knight