Who among us has the divine right to decide who lives or who dies? Who has the moral authority to determine what is good, fair, or just for our nation? Who has the ultimate choice to privatize the land, the people, and the natural resources for private gain? Since 1886, corporate capitalist, our “new world” pirates, claim they do.

After seizing power over our Constitutional mandates, corporate capitalist established a “new story” and made it “legal.” Negative narratives, such as Darwin’s 1887 eugenics theory “survival of the fittest” and Keynesian’s post war economics, used “legalized fiction” to usurp the people’s authority. For over a century, our Constitutional rights have been ignored and suppressed while fear and hate are glorified and normalized. The colonial mind set continues to shape today’s political choices with party line rhetoric and inhumane social abuses.

Consequently, America’s history is shadowed with personal prejudice, social bigotry, and corporate greed. The notion that federal and state taxes support education and programs that promote “the general welfare,” has proven to be false. Truth is, we are no more than economic fodder for those who unjustly declare elite status over social choices and economic decisions.

Since humanity’s mythical fall from grace, our collective task has been to wake up, dispel the toxic levels of fear and dis-information, and reclaim our personal and social power. Instead of becoming mindless zombies, out of sync and mis-aligned with a free and just society, we can cultivate our divine right to live a moral humane life. Evidence shows without freedom to share our unique and authentic existence with honor, respect and responsibility, we lose our mind at the gates of hell. By choosing to live and let live, we cultivate equanimity beyond any nefarious policy or artificial inhibitors. That future is our ultimate choice.

Gloria Cooper

Mount Shasta