Many new folks are in town possibly fleeing where they came from. Coming up here makes ‘em feel safe and many of ‘em do not wear masks.

Those of us who do are trying to stay safe for our loved ones and others. Too bad there isn’t a way to project the safe habit of wearing masks.

Our law enforcement personnel and local enforcement could project this safe habit by wearing masks themselves. But when ya ask, they say it is up to the individual officers themselves so none of our state-employed law enforcement personnel, the sheriff’s deputies, the local police, the CHP wear masks, even when requested.

In the March 25th edition of the Mt. Shasta Herald is a photo op where we see 12 state and local employed personnel pictured on the courthouse steps warning us about a phone scam. None of ‘em are wearing masks or are social distancing or even mention a word of seriousness of this pandemic itself.

Guess the phone scam and their picture in the paper were more important.

Couldn’t they have set an example for the rest o’ us – or are they? Is this how they want us to behave when in public in this era of the worst pandemic we’ve ever had?

It is obvious this is a serious pandemic but, with attitudes we see prevalent here, our officials do not seem to think so. Deaths from this pandemic have not stopped and won’t, as it has not run its course!

There are many projections but the Spanish Flu killed 300,000 Americans and that was when we had a third as many people as we have today. This pandemic may see one million Americans no longer here!

What will it take, when will they realize this may kill someone close to them? Is that what it’ll take? We coulda saved more lives if only we’d been more alert months ago. But that was only three months ago and 90,000+ deaths ago. This week we’ll see over 100,000 – so what’s it gonna take folks?

Ron Hennig

Mount Shasta