Said Bruce R. Petty (1946-2019): “The 1727 was painted over 30 years ago in 1983, at that time the Dunsmuir Chamber funded the painting project, Chamber headed by the bank manager of BofA.

For us, Dave Perata, Willie Osborn, and myself got the job done in three days during the summer. First day I had to rent a high-pressure washer and blast off the paint that was used previously.

Second day I rented an airless sprayer. Third day was detail painting the silver and retelling in white.”

The project undertaken by the Friends of the Locomotive 1727 in 2020 is in his memory.

New paint for historic train

Facing the Interstate 5 corridor, behind an old and rusty chain link fence, languishes an historic steam engine, donated by the Southern Pacific Railroad to the City of Dunsmuir in 1956, a time when diesel overtook steam motive power and the behemoths were distributed around the SP system to grateful railroad communities.

A grassroots effort launches a campaign to raise the funds needed for a complete refurbishment of the steam locomotive #1727 and tinder. Not only does the project propose to repaint the engine and signals within the enclosure but also install a new, attractive fence, landscaping, paths, picnic tables, benches and drinking fountain.

A few facts about 1727: Because of the 2-4-9 wheel arrangement, she is called a ‘Mogul’ built in 1901 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works, Baltimore, Ohio. Originally built as a vauclain compound, she was completely rebuilt in Sacramento to her ‘modern’ present-day look in 1908. Southern Pacific had 335 Moguls, today few remain.

The Vauclain compound was a type of compound steam locomotive that was briefly popular around 1900. Developed at the Baldwin Locomotive Works, it featured two pistons moving in parallel, driving a common crosshead and controlled by a common valve gear using a single, complex piston valve.

Who are the Friends of the Locomotive?

The Friends of Locomotive 1727 is a nonprofit charitable corporation refurbishing the historic engine. Funds are being collected for the project in memory of Bruce Petty. Send contributions to: Friends of Locomotive 1727 PO Box 412, Dunsmuir, CA 96025.

In 1983 another refurbishment was undertaken by the Old Timers Senior Citizens Club. At that time, the president was Leila Test and Ivan Young was chairperson for MOM Maintaining Our Memories project to repaint 1727. This was done in cooperation with the Dunsmuir Chamber of Commerce whose president at that time was Oralee Floria.