Dunsmuir, it’s our money, but council decides how it is spent, but because of California tax laws we do have final say over it.

The City of Dunsmuir needs more revenue, I agree, but for what and how much there has been a parting of the ways between council and myself. Dunsmuir has just passed a rate hike for sewer fees, it wasn’t enough to cover costs at plant. City GM and council has decided to raid our Sewer Improvement fund to keep the Maintenance and Operational fund solvent. In 2010 council promised not to do, it was only allowed to be used for improvements. Now some $30,000 dollars will be paid in administration fees to General Fund, something Mr. Arth himself promised not to happen.

The solid waste. Garbage is in no better situation, it has been years and no new contract has been put out to bid, the solid waste fund is projected to run $20,000 deficit this year and $70.000 in the next. I have asked the council and the city manager to address these issues before asking the people for a raise in sales tax. Council and the mayor has ignored these concerns.

Council has chosen for us the highest sales tax in the county and will have to request more for sales, sewer and garbage, in the near future to balance budgets.

Are there options, yes, many, and it’s time to set council back on its heels. Please don’t even ask me how much was collected versus how much got distributed to the Library and Parks of the past TUT, yes it was a General Fund tax, but it is embarrassing to see how little of it went to library and parks.

Yes, Tim and Mike you were ripped off.

Mario J. Rubino