The Music Alive! concert series has brought talent to McCloud, including jazz pianist Dr. Jerry Moore on July 5 and the Tarica siblings on June 30.

Marianne Locke, who founded the Young Imaginations music program at McCloud Elementary School is planning the concert series with live performers in garden settings to follow the social distancing guidelines for families, groups or individuals. Guests should arrive with masks but they are not required once seated.

The next concert in the outdoor series is planned for the end of July.

Most of the music lovers in attendance at the Moore concert were longtime fans of this 90-year-old who started off with a piece he recently wrote inspired by the pandemic called “Isolation Blues.”

The solo pianist invited the host of the concert, Marianne Locke, to accompany him on clarinet. Together, they played the slow nostalgic classic, “Georgia.” First with the clarinet picking up the romantic melody, the piano swept the audience along playing a solo part. They then picked up the pace with the next song, “Sweet Georgia Brown.”

Randomly selecting songs to play on the spot, Moore talked about the old McCloud Dinner Train and how, 16 years ago, he played the tune “Chattanooga Choo Choo” each time the train would take off from the Depot at 6 p.m.

People tapped their fingers and their feet to the rhythm. It didn’t make a difference that this festive yet mellow concert was at 10 in the morning.

“In normal times I play with different groups but they are all suspended. I really don’t play solo,” said Moore, who is no stranger to McCloud. He usually plays jazz piano music at the McCloud Hotel over the July 4th weekend

“Playing music keeps me young,” said Moore. “There is more to music than just entertainment, it opens up perceptions and makes your life a lot fuller.”

On June 26, guitarist Lauren Tarica was accompanied by her younger brother, Josh Tarica, a skillful vocalist that has mastered the piano and harmonica.

Together, they performed in front of a spaced audience among the trees at Shasta Forest Estates in McCloud. They performed songs from artists Billy Joel, Ben Platt, Elton John, Bill Withers, and Bruce Hornsby plus some of their own music.

Both siblings have performed in McCloud in the past during Victorian Christmas at the McCloud River Mercantile and at the McCloud Hotel.

For more information on Music Alive! call (415) 302-0506 or email