Perry Maynard Ryno, a resident of Mt. Shasta, for the last 15 years, passed away on the afternoon of 9-11-17.

He was born in the small town of Rushville, Nebraska on October 1, 1934. He moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to complete high school. During this period, he was a part-time ranch hand on his family's ranch in Cherry County, Nebraska. This was a highlight in his life.

Perry later moved to Chicago for further education in the technical field. This served him well when he joined the Air Force for 4 years.

After that he established himself in the Aeronautic Industry and was active in the emerging space program.

Perry was always very generous with his time and expertise; he assisted people with just about any "fix-it" problem that arose. Even after retirement, Perry never slowed down and was always happy to be working on a variety of projects, especially his Chris-Craft boat.

Some of Perry's passions included classic American cars, motorcycles, auto repair and machining. He enjoyed travel, country music, good food and wine. He was a member of the Mt. Shasta SIRS organization and the CHVA car club in Redding. He loved storytelling and enjoyed a wide circle of lifetime friends.

Perry was a loyal and committed family man. He is survived by Dee, his wife of 16 years, his children; Kevi, Robin, Ben, Haley and Dawn as well as two sisters, Bernice and Clara. He was also loved by his 3 dogs, Rusty, Lizzy and Sheree.

Perry will be buried in Rushville, Nebraska.