My son, Jose Anthony Reyes Jr. Was born September 4th, 2002 at 12:45 am. His life was cheated two days before his 15th birthday and around the time he was born, he was taken away.

Our family is devastated by what has happened because any death is unimaginable. But the death of a child always feels as if they were cheated of a precious life he/she deserved to live. Horribly, we've been sadly reminded that in seeking friendship, my son became a victim of under age drinking and the irresponsibility surrounding this entire situation ended my son's life.

We grieve each day wishing he had made better decisions that night. We pray that the end of his life be a reminder to all that something like this is preventable.

He was my only child. My angel here on earth. Now he is with our lord, he's become my angel from above. Anthony was very special. he loved people, animals, and he was so good with younger children. They loved being around him so much. He enjoyed learning about the bible. He loved the lord, but he also loved to explore new things outside of that as well. He was very intelligent. He loved music and dancing, he loved sports like most boys his age. But what made him most special wasn’t football, basketball and video games, it was the fact that he loved his family and friends so much. This is what mattered most to him over anything.

He would want me to tell everyone how much he loved them and to be good to each other and to love each other like you love your own families. I could go on forever on how special My baby is, I just hope he touched all of you how he touched me. I was lost in my life until I gave birth to him. He gave me so much purpose and taught me so much, especially about love. He saved my life. My son, I will see you again my angel.

This isn't goodbye its an I'll see you later.

Please use this opportunity to speak to your own children about the dangers of underage drinking and peer pressure, as well as, what to do when a friend is in trouble.

Our family would like to thank everyone who showed my son so much love during his time here on earth, as well as, those who showed my son so much support, my sons friends, and school here in NYC you have been so supportive thank you. His friends in California thank you for all your love and support in everything that has been done to honor his beautiful spirit. We send our deepest love.


Elizabeth Hollington