A picture paints a thousand words; “One of a kind, an awesome human being, an awesome man”. Said over and over in the past few days about Craig Barry Johnson; Son, Brother, Husband, and Friend.

Born in the early Fall of 1960; taken from us Oct 18th, 2017. From a child, “Craiger”, grew in stature and mind. He was keenly open to the world and absorbed all he came in contact with. A natural outdoorsman, making his first trip into the Trinity Alps at age 11. Diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at 17 only made him more determined to fight the obstacles of life. Making 23 trips to Russia over the better part of 12 years for an alternative eye treatment, not only helped preserve his sight but gave him a firm grasp of the world; oppression versus liberty, right and wrong.

A loyal and generous friend, “do unto others as I would have them do unto me” heard often from him. Never one to compromise, the challenges of his sight would not slow him down. An avid and accomplished skier, “never met a motorcycle I did not like”; his passion and skill for physical expression would know few bounds. On that fateful day, he had just gone for a walk.

Survived by his loving Mother, Beverly Johnson, and his devoted and loving Wife, Augusta Meyers, and many, many loving friends. May we see you again someday, Sweet Man.