May 2, 1930 to October 7, 2017

Pan was born in England, and his early life was rich in self-exploration and domesticity. He worked as a book designer, graphic artist, wrote and published children's books and restored 16th-18th century county houses.

At 50, he embarked on a three-year Fine Art Course in London, fulfilling a lifelong desire to immerse himself in painting.

He moved to California in the mid 1980s and settled in Hammond Ranch with his wife Neera. His paintings have been shown in countless galleries locally and nationally.

Here is how a very close family friend sums up Pan's last years:

“Like the colorful whimsical artist and man that he was, Pan chose the last warm Golden days of fall to make his exit, his Grand Transition, peacefully at his home. No dreary rainy British day for our English friend, no sir! He would probably irreverently tease us in his good-mannered way at our attempt to paint a picture of the man, Pan. But his life was a good story worth telling. His family and friends can vouch for that. He did leave lasting impressions and I will tell you what one of these was: If you are going to do old age with grace you need to enjoy your people; your life; your limitation and all your waking and sleeping moments. Don't worry about what you don't remember because you can make these moments your good memories to share and that is exactly what he did. We had the best of Pan and Pan had the best of us in these last few years. His beloved and beautiful wife Neera and his faithful cat Mimsy will miss him very much and so will we all! Meanwhile, we no doubt will all become artists, calligraphers, builders (etc.) and friends from having been under the influence of this good and grand man, Pan.”

Pan is survived by his wife, Neera, and sons Jocelyn, Darias, Aaron, Yorick, and Dickon, as well as seven grandchildren.