Marjorie L. Buehling passed away peacefully in her home on Sunday, April 22, 2018. She was 91.

Marjie was born in Lake City, Minnesota on April 14, 1927. She was the youngest of four sisters: Marvel, Marie, Marcella and Marjorie. During World War II, her older sister Marie, came west to Seattle, Washington to work for Boeing. Marjie, at age 16 came west to join her. Later she and a friend went to Ashland, Oregon to Southern Oregon College, where she met her future husband, William “Bill” Buehling, when he returned from Germany, out of the Army.

Bill went to work for Southern Pacific Railroad Signal Department. Marjie and Bill were married on July 23, 1949. Bill was heard to say he got the pick of the litter. They eventually moved to Dunsmuir, California, where they stayed.

Marjie loved to travel and was a Sunset Magazine person. Wherever the magazine said to go, she and Bill would go. Marjie loved her church and was an avid yard saler.

Marjie and Bill were married 68 years. Marjie was a wonderful wife, proud mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She had two sons, 6 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.

Marjie was an active member of the Church of Christ in Dunsmuir: a bright star that has gone to heaven.

I Have a Place in Heaven

Please don't sing sad songs for me,
Forget your grief and fears,
For I am in a perfect place
Away from pain and tears

I’m far away from hunger
And hurt and want and pride,
I have a place in Heaven
With the Master at my side.

My life on earth was very good,
As earthly life can go;
But Paradise is so much more
Than anyone can know...

My heart is filled with happiness
And sweet rejoicing, too.
To walk with God is perfect peace,
A joy, forever new.