Obituary: 'Ahnee' Fortin

Our beloved ‘Ahnee,' Ann Morehead Fortin, passed into another realm August 25th, 2020.

She died sleeping in ultimate peace, as gently as she lived. She was 97 1⁄2 years old, born March 30th 1923, in another era of the world. She was the youngest by eight years of four children, born into an old, fine farming family in western Virginia. This was the fertile valley of the ancient New River and she was surrounded by views of mountains. She had the run of the farm, hung in the apple trees and had a pet fox. Ahnee loved to tell her story of these times, for they had dug deep into her fresh mind. At her high

school, she was both President and Vice President of her class at different times, was a

cheerleader and a lifeguard at the country club across from her 1,000 acre farm. She

would relate that everyone was considered equal during this time, and that 'store goods' were very dear and rare. Ahnee went to college for two years as WWII was raging.

She then worked in Washington D.C. at Arlington Hall as a Cryptographer, where codes were broken. There she met Roland Joseph Fortin, a first lieutenant and language specialist, who learned Japanese for the war effort. He was later posted to Germany as a Vice counsel, returning home to become a lawyer. They had four children, living in Michigan most of that time.

Ahnee broke west a few years a er her husband died, and lived in Boulder, Colorado. Later coming out to California to be with family, Ahnee found another home in the world- Mt. Shasta. She loved the lakes, the vistas, the mountains, the flowers and the people. She also loved poetry and worked very hard to create and lead a fine group of gentle folks sharing their excellent poetry. She produced an engaging newsletter for one and all to peruse poetic thoughts, great and small. They met at the old Has Beans once a month for many years. The Shasta Abbey was also a part of her joyful life and she loved and cherished all those she encountered at this serene and kind place.

Ahnee was lovingly cared for by her close friends and family in her final years. Elena Jones, Joanie Hayward, Deb Goss and Bonnie Fox were all what we hope friends would be. Jo Ann Collins was like a daughter to her in all respects.

Ahnee leaves a fine group of human beings on this earth, four children: Roland, Kate, Dora and Ellen, eight grandchildren (by age): Vanessa, Simone, Marissa, Chloe, Elise, Dylan, Ian and Reid, as well as one great grandchild: Stella.

She woke up happy. She most o en had a beautiful smile on her face. She was supremely generous. She was kind. She loved music. She loved life. Let’s be more like her.

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A so bed of moss

Emerald green in filtered sun Begs my hand to touch

To live your whole life You need enthusiasm To get you through it.


When I see spring, anywhere

I am transported to my native place See the apple blossoms there

Feel the so , ephemeral grace

Of youth and beginnings.

Summer nights, the sound of a train Electrificated fireflies abound

And the clutching feel of pain as One turns to look around

Where things once stood.

My last memory of the place itself Is of a dogwood I planted there No taller than the window sill

It stood in front of and where

It grew, and grew, and grew.

Posted online on September 30, 2020