The Stunts repeated as Weed Carnevale Softball Tourney champs with a 32-13 win in a game played after a surprise thunderstorm Sunday afternoon at Bel Air Park.  Note to our readers: softball players can be ribald with team names and nicknames. The losing team has a name that, like Voldemort, we dare not speak in a family newspaper. We will call them “H.S.” Player names we use are as they appear in the official scorebook. 
H.S. took their only lead in the top of the fourth inning, putting up eight runs to make the score 12-10. Seven consecutive H.S. batters scored in the inning. 
But the Stunts saved their best for last, scoring five runs in the fourth, seven in the fifth, and 10 in the sixth.  
Teams are allowed only three homers a game in slow pitch, so many balls that cleared the fence required the batter to stop at first base. Stunt hitters knocked 8 balls over the outfield wall. 
Marshall homered in consecutive innings, and Nasty, Bob, Zo, Dev, Mora, and Rob all hit shots over the fence. Rob scored twice in the sixth inning. 
For H.S., Hobbs and Flaherty homered and James scored three times.