Sisson School’s 8th grade volleyball team took home the Siskiyou County Athletic League’s championship banner last month after beating Grenada in Yreka Oct. 18.
Dani Jacobs, who also coached the team last year when they went undefeated, moved up with them this season.
“We only had a mediocre season rank-wise,” she said. “We had a lot to prove coming into the tournament and especially had our sights set on beating Yreka. We ended up winning all four games that night.”
Tyson Aquila, who had never played volleyball before, was an the team’s MVP honorable mention. “He was a starter in every game of the tournament and was never subbed out,” said Jacobs.
Roman Cross, who served the winning point, and Ella De La Torre, a first time setter, were team captains that “led the team to victory,” said Jacobs.
Cross was named the team’s MVP.
“All six players talked on the court that championship game the entire time,” said Jacobs. “Their team chemistry and communication was key!”