Every golfer I know has good intentions to begin the year. We set goals to improve our game and make it more enjoyable for everyone. Most of my students have st for themselves some very lofty goals and I will help them achieve their goals.

Mr. Anderlini wants to get his ball up and down out of a bunker in one swing. Perhaps we could strive for out of the bunker in one swing and the hole in one putt. that would be satisfactory.

Mr. Poore would like to hit at least twelve fairways with his driver. That would reduce his total score by eighteen strokes. That would be fun.

Mrs. Harris would love to play a full round of golf without topping the ball. I sure have my work cut out, but I’m sure we can figure out a solution.

Mr. Corrales wants to drive the ball 300 yards all the time. I can’t even see 300 yards. Perhaps we can estimate a number that sounds realistic.

Mr. Santos wants to play eighteen holes in two hours every day. He should at least take a golf cart and a map. Check the brakes too.

Mr. Baldovino will become a single digit golfer by simply taking fewer strokes and drinking more Earl Grey tea.

Mr. Bertolucci will not damage his hamstring this year by being more careful in getting in and out of his truck. Perhaps a slide will work.

Mrs. Sanderson wants to hit perfect chips and pitches around the greens. We do have practice short game areas that are open to the public.

Mr. Hemstead wants to play eighteen holes without hitting a tree. Guess he never heard that trees are 80 percent air. They are also 20 percent bark.

Seriously, I recommend that every golfer checks in at the course they are playing one hour in advance of their tee time. This will allow them ample time to clean the mud off their spikes from the last time they played. They should have time to stretch properly, warm up their golf muscles, hit a small bucket of range balls, clean the mud and grass off their clubs, work on their short game, hit a few putts, eat a muffin and drink coffee, meet their friends on the first tee, go back to the shop and grab a scorecard, grab a pencil, go to the restroom, and take a few more swings with your driver.

Good luck to everyone in 2020.

Rod Sims is the PGA Teaching Professional at Mount Shasta Resort. He would love to hear from you and can be reached at (209 329-5634).