The next race is on Monday, Jan. 27, at Mt. Shasta Ski Park.

The North Division held the second Alpine Race of the 2020 season at Mt Shasta Ski Park on Monday.

The competition was tight, with the racers enjoying better visibility and the snow that fell last week.

This week, the snowboarders raced on a GS course and the skiers on a challenging slalom course. The men’s ski and snowboard groups saw a mix up of the winners from last week, with Bryce Harkness of Mount Shasta edging out Cooper Laloli of Foothill in varsity ski and Thomas Lutz of Shasta taking the top position for men’s varsity snowboard.

The woman’s races had Sydnie Williams of Foothill continuing her winning streak in varsity ski and Tate Harkness of Mount Shasta leading the snowboarders.

The next race is on Monday, Jan. 27, at Mt. Shasta Ski Park.

Tabulated results are as follows:

Woman Ski

1st – #475 - Sydnie Williams of Foothill HS

2nd - #480 – Mathilda Karlsson of Foothill HS

3rd - #583 – Jenna Randolph of Shasta HS

Men Ski

1st - #708 – Bryce Harkness of Mt Shasta HS

2nd - #471 – Cooper Laloli of Foothill HS

3rd - #711 – Ian Anderson of Mt Shasta HS

Women Snowboard

1st – #709 - Tate Harkness of Mt Shasta HS

2nd - #466 - Clara Lindsay of Foothill HS

3rd - #462 – Dena Mizuta of Foothill HS

Men Snowboard

1st – #602 - Thomas Lutz of Shasta HS

2nd - #700 – Ethan Weaver of Mt Shasta HS

3rd - #728 – JT Kennedy of Mt Shasta HS