The North Division High School Alpine races concluded at the Mt. Shasta Ski Park Monday.

The last race of the season is traditionally known as the "fun race," as many athletes (especially those that have already qualified for State Championships) dress up in costume. The skiers raced slalom, while the snowboarders raced a dual giant slalom course.

Brice Harkness of Mount Shasta High school placed first in the boys ski event, while teammate Ethan Weaver was first in the boys snowboard,

Below are the top three finishers in each event.

Girls Ski

1st - Mathilda Karlsson of Foothill HS @ 1:42.06 .

2nd - Sydnie Williams of Foothill HS @ 1:45.21.

3rd - Jenna Randolph of Shasta HS @ 2:03.60.

Boys Ski

1st - Brice Harkness of Mount Shasta HS @ 1:43.98.

2nd - Matthew Ferrari of Foothill HS @ 1:46.20.

3rd - Cooper Laloli of Foothill HS @ 1:50.94.

Girls Snowboard

1st - Clara Lindsay of Foothill HS @ 1:22.93.

2nd - Dena Mizuta of Foothill HS @ 1:30.14 .

3rd - Citri Coulter of Foothill HS @ 1:30.38.

Boys Snowboard

1st - Ethan Weaver of Mount Shasta HS @ 1:12.67.

2nd - Evan Miller of Red Bluff HS @ 1:16.09 .

3rd - Thomas Lutz of Shasta HS @ 1:18.36.