When I watch the best players on the PGA Tour I always notice the simplicity of their putting stroke, which is what I want all my golf students to accomplish on a regular basis.

The average weekend high handicap player I see has a lot of moving parts in their putting stroke, which I believe complicates the putting motion and affects accuracy and distance.

I have a great tip for you this week which will help you putt to lower scores. The next time you’re on the practice green, get ready to putt. Take your stance and putt a few times. After a few putts, hold your follow through for 10 seconds and visually look at the face of your putter. Where is it pointing?

I can guarantee that most of you will be pointing the face of the putter left of your target, which will cause a lot of missed putts., adding to high scores.

Most of the time, PGA golf professionals have the putter pointing at the target. Always at the intended target.

Tip of the week: Hold your follow through for 10 seconds after you hit your putt and make sure the face of the putter is pointing at your intended target. This will create more accuracy for lower scores.

Ben Alexander is a PGA teaching professional who formerly taught in Pebble Beach and now teaches golf lessons at Lake Shastina Golf Resort. He was awarded the PGA Teacher of the Year twice and was nominated for National PGA Teacher of the Year. To contact Ben call (831) 277-9001.