The game of golf is the greatest game ever because it’s the only game that can be played from a young age into the later stages of life.

Trust me – you can’t play baseball or football once you get the gray hairs growing.

This column is geared toward the beginner or new golfer. Everyone knows the main object of golf is to hit the ball and get it up in air, not rolling.

For many years when I taught golf in Pebble Beach, I did a lesson with new students on just one hole and the first thing we did was drive the golf cart out to the middle of the fairway (not using the start of the hole where the tee box is but moving closer to the hole in the fairway) about 100 yards from the green.

New players are intimidated because they usually start at the beginning of a hole, maybe 350 yards in length and right at the get go, they get nervous. So moving closer to the green and not having as long of a shot relieves some of the pressure.

The next thing we did was to tee the ball up in the fairway, which gives the new golfer a huge advantage in getting the golf ball up in the air. I would usually have my student hit a nine iron, which is an easier club to hit for the beginner.

Now I know as beginners you are not going to have your own PGA professional with you when you get to the golf course, but tee the ball up from the fairway with every shot to start giving you a little confidence.

Trust me, it works.

Ben Alexander is a PGA teaching professional who formerly taught in Pebble Beach and now teaches golf lessons at Lake Shastina Golf Resort. He was awarded the PGA Teacher of the Year twice and was nominated for National PGA Teacher of the Year, To contact Ben call (831) 277-9001.