Mount Shasta businesses got a holiday boost

Will Duggan

Some people who attend the Mount Shasta Fourth of July Independence Day Celebration say it’s the run and the music that makes the event so great while others say it’s the walk and the scrumptious food.

And there are those who say it’s the weather and fireworks  or the vendors and the parade or the mountain and scenery that sets it apart from all the other July 4th celebrations. 

Yet everyone agrees that it’s the overall combined energy  of each facet of the Mount Shasta event that makes it a success year after year regardless of where they put the accent, and this time was no exception.

“It’s just a lot of old fashioned fun that comes together at the same time,” said Sean Monroe of San Francisco who came up with some friends. “This is our first year and it was a great experience. Hopefully we can do it again and again.”

Despite concerns about high gas prices and smoke from area fires there were thousands of people in town, including 4,600 for the Walk/Run. A loyal crew of volunteer staff served to organize the event and make certain everything went smoothly.

“This year we wanted to make sure the event continued   on in the tradition of past    years even as we made some  improvements in organizing. Although there were fewer street vendors it worked out,”  said Marie Wells of the Mount Shasta Chamber of Commerce. “Most of the businesses in town  saw an increase in business over the Fourth. It was a much needed and appreciated boost for our local merchants considering the general state of the economy.”

A sampling of the street  vendors indicated that people were making purchases and enjoying themselves as they made the rounds between the booths downtown.

Bruce Catlin of Soul Connections in downtown Mount Shasta said business was good at his store over the weekend.

“It seemed like there were fewer people in town than in the past few years, but we definitely did more business,” Catlin said. “Things seemed to be better organized and relaxed. Maybe that made a difference. Hopefully next year there will be more variety with the music. Overall it was a success from my point of view.”

Crystal Barnard who works at Village Books was in agreement. “Friday and Saturday were great for business at the store. The visitors and tourists  really helped to get things going because it feels like summer now. Business tapered off some on Sunday but at least we have a bit of momentum to carry us on.”

With so many people in town the motels and B & Bs were booked to near capacity.

Jean Bennett who works the front desk at the Cold Creek Inn said, “Business was terrific over the weekend. We had quite a few people who stayed here before come back again which is great for us.”