Rite Aid plans to pick up where Country Drug left off

Karen DeRoss
Rite Aid customer Alan Matthews is assisted by Debra Bekstrom in the new Rite Aid pharmacy. Matthews said the remodel is “a vast improvement.”

While many Weed residents are expressing concern about the loss of their downtown pharmacy, Rite Aid in Mount Shasta has been gearing up to serve customers of the business that was Country Drug.

Rite Aid has a newly remodeled facility, an expanded prescription selection and the integration of some of Country Drug’s staff.

They are prepared to meet the needs of all their customers.

“We have a new waiting area, a second window and a consultation window now,” said Debra Bekstrom who works in the Rite Aid pharmacy. She said those additions will greatly enhance customers’ experience.

“It is a vast improvement,” said customer Alan Matthews while sitting in a chair waiting for his prescription.

Customers worried about making the trip to Mount Shasta, especially when winter driving conditions prove to be a hazard, can avail themselves of Rite Aid’s delivery service.

Eric Hartgreeter with Rite Aid’s public relations said they are working to make the transition “seamless and smooth,” referencing the months of preparation that have gone into the planning of this acquisition.

“We want to make it as convenient for (the customers) as we can,” he said.

Brett Bring, Rite Aid’s Mount Shasta store manager, said, “We are going to take care of (the Country Drug customers) like nothing’s changed... we’re going to pick up where Country Drug left off.”  

Bring said Rite Aid began working with the Country Drug staff last week so they will be “ready to go.”