Siskiyou Title Company closes after more than 100 years

Skye Kinkade

After more than 100 years in business, Siskiyou County Title and Escrow Co. closed its doors on Dec. 31.

Open files were transfered to Mt. Shasta Title Company, according to Bill Overman, a member of the Mt. Shasta Title board of directors and past president and CEO of the company.

The situation is an amiable one, said Overman, who worked with Siskiyou Title’s David Collier on the acquisition.

“After the housing market bubble burst, it had become evident to us that the market in Siskiyou could not support two title companies,” Overman said.

The deal was reached in July of 2012, but the purchase of the open files had to be approved by the California Department of Insurance, Overman said. That approval came on Dec. 30 and the transaction was completed the following day.

“Part of the agreement was that we offer employment to four of their employees,” Overman said. “That has happened and we have four new employees on board who are excellent,” Overman said.

Overman said Mt. Shasta Title did not purchase Siskiyou County Title’s business or its buildings in Mount Shasta or Yreka. They did purchase Siskiyou County Title’s pending files and title plant records, as well as some pieces of office equipment.

Collier represents the fourth generation of Colliers to operate Siskiyou County Title Co., an organization first established by his great grandfather BK Collier in 1904.

“We are very proud to be able to make this acquisition,” said Overman. “Siskiyou County Title Company has an impeccable reputation, and we are delighted that we were able to reach an agreement.”